Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Offer

A wealthy man approaches a squatters area and tells the settlers there that he bought a big land in another place and he will be building houses for them there for free. He only asks the people to notify in advance by signing a document if they intend to accept the offer since he will only build the number of home units based on those who accepted the offer.

Some accepted the offer immediately. But others were skeptical. Is this guy for real? Why sign his paper of acceptance maybe he is into some scam and this may get us into trouble? Will there be work there? Does he really have that much land and money to give away houses?

So in short others accepted and some did not.

When the project was finished those who accepted where whisked away in vans and trucks to be taken to their new homes.

When those who did not accept visited their former neighbors, they were surprised to see finely built homes, in nice and clean neighborhoods with workplaces nearby and other business opportunities.

They asked the man if they can still get a chance at the offer. The man said sorry of course since he did not count those who refused to sign when he gave the offer.

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