Friday, September 14, 2007

Discussing the Most Important Questions

There are lots of questions we can ask in our lifetime, some of them important some unimportant. But very few have really lasting consequences. Today we have a set of videos that answer these questions and we hope you will give them much thought. (Source: NicoforJesus of Youtube)

Let us go straight to the point and ask the question with most lasting consequence, where will I go when I die? When a person dies, all his credentials, money, successes won't matter anymore so in a sense this is the ultimate question.

When one talks about dying, the question of heaven or hell, whether one believes it or not will be the ultimate discussion? Is there really such a thing?

Is there a real Hell?
- R. Douglas Geivett (Professor of Philosphy

Before we go any further lets talk about the bible because everybody knows it discusses eternal things. It is a big issue in the Bible on what eternal destiny will be. Can we trust it and what makes it so special? In the end the most important question about the Bible is that, is this the Word of God?

What Makes the Bible Different?
- Paul Meier Ph.D (Professor of Ancient History)

Is it Really God's Word? - Gary Habermas (Professor of Philosophy and Theology)

Now after discussing the Bible, we talk about its most famous character, Jesus. The question of Jesus is the most important question one has to answer. Is he real and who does He claim to be? And what does it have to do with my life.

Is Jesus God? - Ronald Nash Ph.D (Professor of Philosophy)

Is Jesus Real? Can Jesus be verified in History? - Gary Habermas (Professor of Philosophy and Theology)

With so many other religions out there... what makes Jesus different? - Ravi Zacharias (International Lecturer Philosophy and World Religions)

You might say... "what about the good or very religious people"? Is being one good enough to go to heaven?

Are you sincere and religious? - Ravi Zacharias (International Lecturer Philosophy and World Religions)

What about non-religious but good and moral people? - Lee Strobel (International Lecturer)

How Can I Know for Certain of Going to Heaven? - Mark Mittelberg (International Lecturer)

But What if I Still Have Questions? - Ravi Zacharias (International Lecturer Philosophy and World Religions)

If you still have more questions please post them by leaving a comment.